Guidelines ByEuropean Pig Farm Welfare

The European Commission has shown concern against the exploitation of pigs and their living standard. In favor of pig welfare, certain standards have been laid down by European pig farm welfare which has to be checked accordingly. They include the following essentials.

Improvisation in the quality of flooring: It is one of the essentials to take care of the flooringsurfaces, improve the quality and standard and create minimum space for every stall where the piglets, sows,and gilt are kept. The weight of the breeds has to be considered before making space for them.


Food and water: Pigs should be given daily food depending on their minimum diet and requirement. Automatic feeders should be provided. Fresh water should be given to pigs for their health and hygiene.

Weight is a standard for health: Underweight or overweight pigs should be considered not fit and should be provided treatment for the same. Minimum weight standard should be matched before weaning a pig.

Weaningage should be set: The minimum standard age of weaning has beenminimal for weeks. The weaning age should not be compromised and a piglet of fewer than four weeks should not be sent for weaning.

Routine check-ups: Routine check-up after every interval should be done to treat any potential disease which can be harmful to the health of pigs or which can affect the environment. There are various diseases which can be transmitted from pigs to the environment and humanbeings.

Castration should be prevented: It is surgical practice to take out excess body odor from pigs by a painful surgery which is inhuman in nature. It should be stopped or at least, anesthesia should be used to do so.

These guidelines are must be followed or else legal actions can be taken against the farm keepers. The guidelines are legislated and cannot be compromised.